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Saying Yes to A Second Home

September 13, 2021

An opportunity to enjoy another lifestyle in a different climate. A guaranteed place even during high season. Enough space for your whole family to sleep comfortably. Having all of the conveniences of home, even when you’re away.

The reasons to purchase a second home are diverse and personal. If second home buying is on your horizon, use these considerations so you know when the moment is right to take the plunge.

Why buy a second home?

The longer your vacations, the more a second home makes sense.

A second home can be an excellent investment if you and your family take long or frequent holidays. For example, if you enjoy vacationing at the beach, the cost of two month’s rent can be comparable to mortgage payments. The difference is, you’ll be building equity over time.

The potential for rental income.

Fort Lauderdale appeals to vacationers of all ages, from honeymooners to families to sports enthusiasts. Vacationers visit us year-round to experience our city’s beaches, outdoor recreation, shopping, cultural attractions, and more in a gorgeous warm weather climate.

Long-term profits are also possible.

While real estate values can fluctuate, a well-chosen second home can retain its value and appreciate. Real estate values in popular vacation areas like
Fort Lauderdale are known to go up over time.

A second home can become a first.

With a second home, you wouldn’t need to make a decision now about your retirement plans. You can ease into this major transition, trying out the area before selling your primary residence.

Tell us what’s motivating your purchase

A universally important first step is to communicate your real estate goals to your trusted advisor. Housing market cycles come and go. Some last longer than anticipated, while others turn on a dime. Certain strategies make sense for a particular housing market. Right now, interest rates are low, competition is stiff and prices are rising.

All the more reason why talking to us about your goals before your search gets underway. We will help you meet them faster and with greater success.

We can help you confidently navigate all of the specifics of second home buying.

Reach out to us today to get started.

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